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Actions you are expected to take in the event of any test failure

How to comply with the PAS100 requirements in the event of any test failures during routine sampling regime, as per section 16 of PAS100:2011

Procedures in the event of independent sampling failure

In light of the independent sample test failures experienced to date REAL is introducing the following procedures in the event of Independent sample failures.

Guidance for certification bodies about input material requirements

This guidance is for inspectors and certification officers who inspect and audit processes for compliance with PAS 100 and Compost Quality Protocol requirements, under AfOR Compost Certification Scheme. It focuses on the Scheme requirements related to input materials

Herbicide products

This page contains information about herbicide products containing active ingredients clopyralid, aminopyralid and picloram. It also includes a downloadable fact sheet that explains the risks of herbicides to commercial composting and includes reccomendations for minimising such risks.

Compost supply, storage and use in agriculture and soil-grown horticulture

This section guides you through the requirements set by the EA-WRAP Compost Quality Protocol with regard to recording compost supply, storage and use in agriculture and soil-field agriculture.
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Jul 31
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