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ORG Update

REA initiative to boost compost quality
REA’s Organics Recycling Group (ORG) has published its Feedstock Quality Package, a best practice guide which will assist in reducing plastics and other physical contaminants in feedstocks for composting.  Click HERE for details.

See Jeremy on Countryfile here discussing contamination in green waste.

Proposal for revised EU Fertilisers Regulation likely to be part of Circular Economy Package 

Later this year the European Commission will decide what further work should be done towards changing EU fertiliser rules.  The changes might include  incorporation of end of waste criteria for composts and digestates made from source separated biodegradable wastes.  Such criteria would supersede any national end of waste criteria with the same scope.  

Stakeholder responses to the European Commission's consultation on Circular Economy, which closes on 20th August, will influence their decision on changes to EU fertiliser rules and whether these are put forward as part of a Circular Economy Package.  Click HERE for more information about the EU Fertilisers Regulation and HERE to find out more about the Circular Economy consultation.  

        Organics Recycling magazine on-line        

We are delighted to announce that ORG's quarterly magazine Organics Recycling is now available on-line!  This provides an additional, convenient way in which REA members can read about organics recycling and anaerobic digestion.  This new feature will also support wider readership, further raising awareness of topical subjects about the biowaste management industry in the UK and the advertised products and services.  

Please click HERE to view. 

                      ORG Events 2015                      

16th July - Health and Safety Conference - Warwick

9th September - Biogas Scotland Sector Group meeting - Edinburgh

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