End of Waste Criteria Impact Assessment
UK end of waste criteria for compost and digestate have been established;
  • for composts these are set out in the Compost Quality Protocol, which includes requirement to comply with PAS 100, and
  • for digestates these are set out in the AD Quality Protocol, which includes requirement to comply with PAS 110.
The European Commission intends to propose to the European Parliament end of waste criteria for the biological treatment of biodegradable wastes, i.e. composting to produce composts and anerobic digestion to produce digestates that can be placed on the market and used without waste regulatory controls.  
Sufficient 'yes' votes will result in EU-level end of waste criteria (in the legal form of a 'Commission Decision') that will supercede the UK's existing end of waste criteria for composts  and digestates.
Following the December 2011/January 2012 consultation on a second working document providing proposals for EU EoW criteria for composts and digestates, Defra has drawn up a plan for analysing how the introduction of the proposed criteria could affect the UK's existing composting and digestion industries and systems in place for assessing UK EoW compliance, i.e. certification systems and approved laboratories.
The impact assessment process is being managed by Sarah Macnaughton for WRAP, who is also working on many of the work packages. The bulk of the work should be done by the end of March 2012 and some of the work packages will be complete before others. Individual chunks of data will be made use of as they become available, before the full report is completed.
The impact assessment process is open and will create a pool of data that will be used to inform Defra in negotiating the text of any proposal that is put forward.  Defra will also make the results of the work available to industry to inform discussion with European trade bodies.
Please click HERE to download Defra's Impact Assessment Action Plan.

Article published: 5th March 2012. 
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