Update on the Environment Agency's work on bioaerosol monitoring
The Environment Agency informed ORG that in the coming year they plan to produce a technical guidance note (M4) for bioaerosol monitoring. 
The content of the technical guidance note in terms of monitoring methods will be largely driven by the output from the current Defra study (WR1121 Bioaerosols and dour emissions from composting facilities). This study is comparing, amongst other things, the Andersen, IOM filter heads, the recently published CEN method of sampling onto gelatine filters and the real time PCR method for Aspergillus fumigatus. It will also look at particulate profiles alongside bioaerosol measurements to see if there is a correlation and to look at the potential of using them as a surrogate measure.
The EA will be informed of the findings at the end of February. It is anticipated that a one day targeted workshop will be organised to discuss the outcomes of the Defra work and to finalise the methods that will be incorporated into M4. ORG, as well as those actively involved in bioaerosol monitoring/research, will be involved and will continue keep its members up to date.
Last update: 15/02/2013
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