Process optimisation and emission monitoring (POEM)
Organics Recycling Working Group

Terms of reference

The objective of this working group is for the biodegradable resource management industry to proactively work with its members in order that process control and management of composting site operations can be enhanced to mitigate the risks of unacceptable off site emissions and improve the sector’s understanding of the biology of composting. This should include but is not limited to reviewing:
•    Odour abatement techniques
•    Bioaerosol monitoring and control
•    Temperature control
•    Process optimisation
•    Moisture management

This working group will meet quarterly to discuss topical issues which are adversely affecting the sector, particularly in respect to the manner in which sites are monitored and assessed by the regulator. It is hoped that the outcome from these meetings and evidence secured can in turn be presented by ORG to the EA at their regular face-to-face meetings which are now well established.
The aim of these meetings will be to ensure that where appropriate and where there is evidence to support change; this can be initiated as a result of these technical meetings. One of the primary goals of the ORG is to ensure that regulatory controls are proportionate to the risk posed within the sector and are also affordable to implement.
This working group aims to meet at least quarterly or more frequently if required. Minutes will be taken and circulated promptly after meetings..

Please contact Justyna at 07557 784 686 or  if you wish to participate in /be part of POEM WG

Please note, participants will be asked to be prepared for the meetings and contribute to the work of the group, for example by supplying data from their site. Organics Recycling Group reserves the right to keep the number of people attending the meetings to a practical level.
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