Digest of waste and resource statistics 2017

The Digest of waste and resource statistics is a compendium of statistics on a range of waste and resource areas, based on data published mainly by Defra, WRAP, the Environment Agency, Office for National Statistics and Eurostat. They are collated in this Digest for ease of use. The various sets of data are not all for the same time periods but the most recent available data has been used. This is the first time that Defra has produced a Digest of waste and resource statistics.

It contains sections on: Resource, including flows and consumption of raw materials, such as metals, minerals; Waste generation and sources of waste; Destiny of waste, eg recycling, incineration; Waste composition; Food waste; Economic characteristics of the sector; Waste infrastructure; Environmental issues with waste; Behavioural attitudes to waste; Waste crime; EU data on waste.

Data uses: The Digest is aimed at a wide audience, including policymakers, analysts and specialists in the Defra network, the Environment Agency, WRAP, other organisations, the waste sector, academia, other researchers and consultancies.

Published: 28/3/17

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