WRAP Gate Fees Report 2017

This report contains the findings of WRAP’s tenth annual gate fees survey, for the calendar year 2016. It summarises the gate fees charged to local authorities for a range of waste treatment, recovery and disposal options. Some commercial gate fees are also reported, which have been provided by organic and wood waste treatment facility operators.  The report also looks at the factors likely to influence future gate fees and includes comparisons to the previous year’s results.

The aim of the gate fees survey is to increase price transparency and, by improving the flow of information, improve efficiency in the waste management market. A lack of market information can reduce a local authority’s ability to make informed decisions on waste management options. Therefore, the publication of indicative gate fee information, such as that contained within this report, should assist local authorities in making better-informed decisions regarding waste management options. The year-on-year changes in gate fees are also valuable in informing the changes in the state of the market for different ways of managing waste.


The median for all types of municipal feedstock being sent to IVC facilities in 2016 is £43/tonne, which is the same as last year. For mixed food and green waste, the median is £46/tonne, a £1/tonne decrease from last year’s median. The common opinion amongst the waste companies interviewed for the report showed that the average for IVC gate fees for all municipal feedstock types will decline towards £40 in the next few years as operators try to fill free capacity.

For individual waste types, mixed food and green waste reported by local authorities median gate fee is £46/tonne, which is very similar to the four years previously, suggesting a stable market dominated by contracted waste. Median for food waste to IVC varies from nation to nation, for instance, £55/tonne in Wales to £56/tonne in England. The median for green waste only shows a reduction from £37/tonne to £29/tonne, approaching that of OAW (reported as £24/tonne in last year’s survey).

For a full copy of the WRAP report please click HERE

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