WISH Workshop on 'self-heating in waste storage stacks'

It has recently been proposed by Geoff Smallwood, Chairman of the WISH, (the Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum), Waste Fires Work Group, that there will be a small 'workshop' meeting specifically on self-heating in waste storage stacks. He has also suggested that WISH invite various people and organisations to attend, who have done work in this area, such as Members of the Fuel and Energy Research Forum.  The idea of the proposed workshop is to pool the current knowledge to arrive at a common point of view, consider if there is better/further guidance that can be given to waste operators on self-heating, and to identify whether there is any further research and/or work which is required.


The full arrangements, (date, venue, etc.), will not be announced until the level of interest in this event has been determined.


However, if you wish to attend  this workshop or give a presentation at the proposed event, please complete this form and send it to David Mc Caffrey who is Secretary of the Fuel and Energy Research Forum 

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Oct 17
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