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Earlier this summer REAL announced that they were undertaking a revision to PAS100. Thanks to all members who have been in touch to tell us what you think about PAS100 and contribute views to the revision. We have collated all the comments we have received. The issues most commonly raised were:
  • a call for a slightly higher tolerance of stones in compost destined for agriculture;
  • the need for different limits for some of the end product parameters for compost going to different markets;
  • physical contamination in compost, with a range of views from tighter limits to maintaining the current levels. 

We have already met with REAL and provided this feedback but we will continue to follow the revision closely. If you have views on the above, or on other issues around PAS100 , please get in touch with Jeremy. We would particularly value any evidence you have for any changes, or even specific suggestions on what new levels should be. 

We would especially appreciate your thoughts on stones – we have had lots of calls for change to the limit but we need to offer up suggestions. What size stones do you think should be considered (currently anything over 4mm) and what limit should be (currently 8% for most grades and 10% for mulch)?

Published: 17/8/17
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