ORG event on emissions in the biowaste sector at AQE Conference and Exhibition

Charlie Trousdell, Chairman of the Organics Recycling Group of the REA, chaired a successful seminar on emissions in the biowaste sector at the annual Air Quality and Emissions Conference and Exhibition, held every year at the Telford International Conference Centre. 

Emissions from biowaste continue to be an area of concern for the regulator. Nick Sauer from the EA spoke at the event on understanding odour and its impact on communities.  Although composting sites are now well established in the community, in some instances they may cause offence as housing developments impinge on existing biowaste sites.

Other speakers at the event included Dr Peter Sykes from Cardiff Metropolitan University, speaking on assessing vehicle operators exposure to bioaerosols, an often overlooked risk that the majority of sites are either not aware of or ignore.

The design and maintenance of biofilters were also discussed in depth by Paul Ottley, the principal consultant from Odournet UK. Too often on visits to composting sites, biofilters are growing trees out of them or are not effectively maintained resulting in poor odour mitigation. This presentation provided practical solutions for operators to follow.

Eric Crouch from Compost Manager a company that has developed a bespoke monitoring solution for biowaste and wood waste provided very helpful guidance on how to minimise odour emissions through process optimisation. This insightful presentation showed how much can be done to reduce odours through good practice.

The last speaker from the Open University, Dr Ceri Gwyther provided the latest thinking on bioaerosols, an area of concern for the biowaste sector for some time. Ceri presented a number of case studies and showed delegates the risk profile surrounding bioaerosols in the workplace.

A huge thank you to all the speakers for their time in presenting this year. All the presentations can be found HERE

Posted: 28/11/18
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