Updated specification for renewable fertiliser to boost UK farming

The market for certified, safe, high quality biofertiliser for UK farming is set to grow following the publication of the updated PAS 110 specification. Operators of anaerobic digestion plants that meet the criteria in the PAS 110 can use and trade digestate as "biofertiliser” certified under REAL’s Biofertiliser Certification Scheme (BCS).

Digestate is a co-product of anaerobic digestion (AD), which is the process of converting food waste, farm residues and energy crops into low carbon biogas for electricity, heating and transport fuel. AD has grown quickly in recent years, with 130 on-farm, food waste and industrial AD plants now operational in the UK, and over 340 projects currently under development, according to a report published in April by the NNFCC .

For more information on the key changes to the PAS 110 are HERE and copies of the revised PAS110 can be downloaded HERE 

ORG Update

Higher recycling targets to drive transition to a Circular Economy with new jobs and sustainable growth

On 2nd July the Commission adopted proposals to turn Europe into a more circular economy and boost recycling in the Member States. Achieving the new waste targets would create 580 000 new jobs compared to today's performance, while making Europe more competitive and reducing demand for costly scarce resources. The proposals also mean lower environmental impacts and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Click HERE to read more about the proposals. 

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1st October 2014 - ORG Composting Sector Group meeting,  Christchurch
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