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Process Management

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Oxygen calculator

Oxygen calculator, or readings converter from oxygen concentration in air, expressed in %, to dissolved in the bio-film, ppm.

POEM Working Group

In order to create a better opportunity for constructive and evidence based discussion with the EA, ORG proposes to establish a Process optimisation and emission monitoring Working Group.
Bioaerosol emissions from waste composting and the potential for workers’ exposure

Bioaerosol emissions from waste composting and the potential for workers’ exposure

A report from the HSE into potential health hazards arising bioaerosols generated during the composting process.

EA technical guides on oxygen monitoring

The EA has released two technical guides related to oxygen monitoring. The first guide explains the corrections that need to be made on the measurements given the errors introduced by condensation in the sample probe and connecting tube. The second guide describes the effect that temperature has on the availability of oxygen for composting.

Getting an Odour Management Plan approved - A case study

Recent odour workshops held between the EA and AfOR discussed issues relating to getting an OMP approved.This article illustrates a successful application approved by the EA.

Odours and Bio-aerosols

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Aug 30
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