Food Waste Recycling Action Plan

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Survey results on feedstock, compost and digestate quality

The Quality Action Plan have published the results of two surveys: one on the quality of feedstocks to anaerobic digestion and composting facilities; and the other on the quality of compost and digestate products.

About the FWRAP

The Food Waste Recycling Action Plan aims to improve the capture, supply and quality of household and commercial food waste.
FWRAP Bulletin 1st edition

FWRAP Bulletin 1st edition

The new bulletin from the Food Waste Recycling Plan is now live. Find out about progress in the first year, the latest tools and industry guidance, as well as opportunities to get involved and help improve recycling rates across the sector.

FWRAP Steering Group Annual Report presented

The Food Waste Recycling Action Plan has released its annual report from the cross-industry steering group. The REA is one of the industry representatives that sit on this Steering Group to provide support and initiatives to promote this work to their members and further afield.
Cost benefit tool for food waste collections

Cost benefit tool for food waste collections

WRAP have launched a Cost benefit analysis tool for food waste collections. Designed specially for food waste collectors and processors working jointly, the new Cost Benefit Analysis tool can help weigh up the costs and associated benefits of implementing proven intervention measures, based on the specifics of local arrangements.
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