CROPGEN was a research project funded by the EU's 6th Framework Programme, involving 11 partners in 6 European countries. The concept was based on the use of anaerobic digestion (AD) as a means of producing methane from biomass, including energy crops and agricultural residues. The technology of biochemical methane generation is well established: the research determined how the technology could best be applied to provide a versatile, low-cost, carbon-neutral biofuel in an environmentally sound and sustainable agricultural framework.
The project finished in July 2007. 
Project outcomes:
Renewable energy from crops and agrowastes
Digestion and codigestion mass balance for different operative conditions and process configurations for oily crops and agricultural market wastes
Life cycle energy balances on a number of crop species
Database on the methane production potential from mixed digestion
Optimal pre-treatment methods to increase methane yields under various conditions

Standardised test procedures for assessing kinetic constants and evaluating reaction rates
Optimal storage systems for energy crops for various climatic conditions
Cost-benefit analysis to determine whether farm energy production can lead to measurable advantages in the longer term productivity cycle
Assessment of the potential for crop-derived biogas as an energy source in the EU, taking into account technical and environmental issues and socio-economic impact
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