'Home Compostable' Packaging and Plastics

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'Home Compostable' items certified by the AfOR-Vinçotte scheme

'Home Compostable' items certified by the AfOR-Vinçotte scheme

A list of items certified 'Home Compostable' by the AfOR-Vinçotte certification scheme.
‘Home Compostable' certification scheme launched

‘Home Compostable' certification scheme launched

Today the Association for Organics Recycling (AFOR1) has launched (22/02/2011) a ‘Home Compostable' certification scheme geared principally to the UK market.
AfOR 'Home Compostable' certification: Introduction

AfOR 'Home Compostable' certification: Introduction

Due to the increasing number of ‘compostable' packaging and plastics products in the UK market, the Association for Organics Recycling (AfOR) has established a ‘home compostable' certification scheme and certification mark (logo) for the UK,
Making an Application

Making an Application

If you wish to make an application for a particular product or family of products AfOR would always advise that you speak to one of its representative first.
Click the title for more information on making an application
FAQs on Applying for Certification

FAQs on Applying for Certification

Covering all the essential information about applying for certification from terminology to necessary tests.

Using AfOR's 'home compostable' certification mark

Correct use of AfOR's 'Home Compostable' certification mark is advocated at every stage of the certification scheme. There are set parameters for incorporating it onto a certified product or piece of packaging. Further details can found via the scheme rules document.

General Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Services

These general terms and conditions define the framework and limitations of the performance of Vincotte's and AfOR's inspections, and the respective obligations of the parties.

List of Approved laboratories

Approved laboratories who are eligible to undertake testing which meets the 'Home Compostable' criteria can be found by clicking the title of this article.

AfOR Home Compostable - Scheme Rules

The scheme rules were developed from the Vinçotte OK compost HOME scheme rules with additional guidance added to reflect the requirements of the AfOR - Viçotte co-partnership.
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